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The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC)

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2015. Since its inception in 1995 FATC has been committed to creating South African dance theatre that interrogates critical personal and social issues.  It has collaborated with South Africa’s leading contemporary dance professionals, theatre practitioners and educators to present top quality theatre and training programs at a national and international level. FATC is served by the visionary leadership of its Artistic Directors: PJ Sabbagha and Fana Tshabalala.

Through the prolific body of work in its 20 year history, FATC has emerged as a leading voice in the development of a new South African “protest / struggle” and issue-based dance theatre. FATC is specifically acknowledged as South Africa’s leading contemporary dance company in addressing the overwhelming presence of HIV and AIDS in South African society.

Alongside its vibrant Artistic Programme, the Company actively pursues its ongoing objective: the facilitation, development and advancement of the role of contemporary South African arts, individual artists, arts organizations, NGOs and Community Based Organisations as progressive and dynamic agents of personal and social transformation.

FATC’s dedication to the production of innovative and provocative South African dance is matched by its commitment to training and developing young and emerging dance performers, choreographers and educators.  It has run numerous successful internship incubators and has an ongoing and vibrant local and extended rural outreach programme.

For many young, inspired South Africans, contemporary dance has been profound in creating a sense of purpose, re-visioning the future and enabling financial security. “Dance changes lives” may sound like a gushy cliché, but it is something I see daily and it is something that we at FATC are committed to. Beyond funding this is the true sustainability of what we do …PJ Sabbagha (FATC Artistic Director)

FATC and its collaborating artists have been widely recognized for their excellence in the field of contemporary South African choreography and performance through the numerous awards and nominations that they have received. In its 20-year history FATC’s collaborating artists have included dance and theatre artists such as: Gregory Maqoma, Shanell Winlock, Boyzie Cekwana, Sylvaine Strike, Nelisiwe Xaba, Gerard Bester, Jennifer Ferguson, Gladys Agulhas, Irene Stephanou, Sello Pessa, Daniel Buckland, Moeketsi Koena, Athena Mazarakis, Craig Moris, Gys de Villiers, Dawid Minaar and Timothy le Roux.

Since 2007 FATC has enjoyed a busy international touring schedule with projects, performances and residencies in Russia, Holland, Mexico, Tanzania, Mali, Madagascar, Mozambique, Reunion Island, France, Taiwan, Sweden, Germany and Tunisia.

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative has been Company in Residence at the University of Johannesburg since 2012.  From 2015 FATC establishes a second base in the rural areas of Mpumalanga. Through NAC Flagship Project funding and a grant from RMB, FATC is creating a rurally based residency centre.  From this Rural Dance Centre FATC is implementing its  Mpumalanga Arts Project (MAP) that involves extensive outreach work, development and training as well as national and international residencies.


The main business which the company is to carry out is the facilitation, development and advancement of a progressive and dynamic socially responsible contemporary theatre, dance and arts culture in both the South African professional and community based arts industry, as well as the formal and informal education and training sectors.

Core values:

Each of FATC’s projects and activities are framed by a series of core values and guiding principles which are integrated at all levels of the business from artistic creation to project management:

Guiding principles: