The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) has always been active in bringing the vibrancy of contemporary dance to South African learners. Through its touring schools productions and its wide menu of workshops FATC has reached a large number of secondary school learners. Such a school’s programme is important to FATC as it not only develops an understanding of contemporary dance amongst school going youth, as the audiences of the future, but also demonstrates dance’s ability to tackle complex societal issues to young audiences.

FATC offers a variety of workshops at a Secondary School level that are directly based on the Arts and Culture and Dramatic Arts Curriculum. Workshops can also be custom designed to serve the specific needs of the teachers and learners. These school workshops are part of FATC’s mission to make dance training available to all sectors of society, to develop the skills and capacity of future South African dancers and choreographers and to make the health and personal growth benefits of dance training available to all.

In 2015 FATC will begin rolling out workshops to Schools in the rural areas of Mpumalanga through its Mpumalanga Arts Project, based at its new Rural Dance Centre. For more information on these workshops please click HERE.