Nadine Joseph is a choreographer and performer based in Johannesburg. She completed her studies at Rhodes University in 2012. She has a Masters degree in Drama (with Distinction) specializing in choreography, along with a second Honours degree in Journalism and Media Studies. Her work seeks to use personal trauma and memory to create both the choreographic language and score, with the primary focus on issues of sexual violence and abuse. Her aim as a choreographer is to create choreography that intoxicates the mind, provokes the body and unsettles the soul. Her work provides a platform for the struggles of women, particularly female adolescents in South Africa to be heard. Their voices echoing through the movements of bodies: damaged, influenced and scarred by the injustices of contemporary society. Nadine Joseph received a Standard Bank Ovation award at the 2011 National Arts Festival for her piece entitled dis.clo.sure and again in 2013 for her piece entitled for.GIVEn. In 2013 she was one of two young choreographers in residence at the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, she has also participated as a choreographer in residence at the Dance Space for the Dance Forum residency in November/December 2013. In 2014 she presented a piece entitled: neither HEre nor there (and everythIng elSe) on the Arena Program at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Nadine Joseph and composer Daniel Nubian, co-founders of the dance company negatIve entertAinMent®, have been working together since 2010 where they premiered their first artistic venture at the National Arts Festival entitled wasHEd up fetISh as part of the First Physical Theatre Company’s, New Voices program. negatIve entertAinMent® is a dance company established by choreographer Nadine Joseph and composer Daniel Nubian in 2010.

Nadine Joseph has worked as The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative since 2013. She is currently also operating as a freelance performer and choreographer.