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From Forgotten Spaces, Comes Greatness

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) has a rich history of 28 years of dedicated service in South Africa. Currently nestled in the picturesque landscapes of rural Mpumalanga. Our passion lies in creating meaningful experiences and strengthening communities through the transformative power of the arts. Our commitment to social justice means that we believe in the potential of every individual and all beings. We work consistently to shape inclusive narratives, challenge perspectives and facilitate positive change in both rural and urban settings.


FATC engages in national and international collaborations, to emphasise humanity and to take care to shape participant-centred events and experiences. Our renowned legacy began with impactful work on HIV and AIDS in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which established us as leaders in addressing critical personal and social issues. We persist today as we continue to explore contemporary personal, social, and environmental concerns.

2023 marks 8 years since we transitioned from Johannesburg to Emakhazeni Mpumalanga to respond to complexities around access and the scarcity of development opportunities facing the children and youth of the areas local communities.

We run all of our programmes and projects in the impoverished location of Emakhazeni, from our Ebhudlweni Art Centre.

FATC's work in rural communities, aims to improve access to the arts for all, thereby contributing to social transformation and upliftment in rural areas. Through our local education and development programmes in dance, small-scale farming/Agri-CULTURE, food distribution & varied inter-disciplinary collaborations that take place in schools, community & disability centres, as well as local homes, we reach an extensive local target audience of more than 1500 individuals monthly. FATC also delivers its flagship large-scale and international MY BODY MY SPACE: PUBLIC ARTS FESTIVAL (MBMS). MBMS is a standout festival event that is a nexus of democratisation, job creation, tourism attraction and local economy support, community building, re-stitching and bridging divides.

As the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation recognised Provincial “Centre of Excellence” FATC serves as implementing agency for the DCSR’s their community art centre (CAC) development strategy.

Motivated by a commitment to sustainable practices and a harmonious connection with the environment, we thoroughly examine our role in the broader climate change discourse. In Emakhazeni, we've implemented small-scale organic vegetable gardens initiative. We have established over 20 small-scale gardens in local homes and schools using a trench garden model that we replicate. From our own Ebhudlweni Arts Centre organic vegetable garden, we harvest and regularly deliver produce to 93 households in need. These families have received ongoing support through our Angel Project of 2020, which was established to aid recovery from the impacts of COVID. In addition to the range of vegetables (tomatoes, cabbages, mixed lettuce, spinach, beans, green peppers, jalapeños, carrots, baby marrow, and herbs) we provide, seedlings are delivered to the households with newly established organic gardens.

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