The Local Education in Arts Programme

An Inclusive Integrated Programme

The Local Education in Arts Programme (LEAP) is an inclusive integrated programme that provides high quality dance and arts education, in-school and after school, to local, rurally-based children, youth and persons with disabilities in the Emakhazeni Local Municipality (ELM). Workshops and dance classes are offered in all four towns of ELM. These include: Belfast/Siyathuthuka, Machadodorp/Emthonjeni, Dullstroom/Sakhelwe, Waterval-Boven/Emgwenya and are delivered through an After-school programme, an In-School Programme and in integrated Disability Arts programme. The primary facilitators on this programme are CBAATP Learners and Interns.

The systemic socio-economic challenges faced by children, youth and people with disabilities in the Emakhazeni area affects their ability to develop a sense of personal agency which would enable them to imagine and pursue alternative futures: breaking the cycles of poverty, unemployment and a lack of access to opportunities that characterize rural spaces. The activities of the FATC @ Ebhudlweni Arts Centre and in particular the LEAP Activities are dedicated to the levels of skills development, unlocking of talent and the development of personal agency that are essential for the advancement and growth of these individuals and their communities. FATC @ Ebhudlweni’s programming effectively focuses on utilizing dance-based activities as a vehicle for personal development which leads to social transformation and ultimately economic transformation.


Across all programmes and at the heart of FATC @ Ebhudlweni’s Human-Centred methodology is a commitment at all levels to unlock 21st Century Skills:

Critical Thinking






Integrated Arts

"FATC @ Ebhudlweni’s educational programming focuses on inclusive Arts Education and skills development to provide geographically and financially accessible Arts Education and Accredited and Non-Accredited training to those living in remote rural communities. In this way it creates accessible, high quality Arts Education and Training models and programmes that are a viable and valuable alternative to the largely inaccessible education and tertiary training historically located in urban areas. The LEAP Programme forms an integral part of the majority of FATC's programming. Additionally LEAP has nurtured the skills and talent of young people interested in developing their creative interests. Through the dance medium, many young people have been absorbed into FATC’s bridging and training courses as interns and trainees. LEAP learners who have “grown” through the programme that is targeted at children and youth, up to 21 years of age, have also enjoyed the opportunity of creating for the My body My Space Public Arts Festival, and exchanging with myriad national and international artists. In totality, Women, Children and Youth make up FATCs largest beneficiary community, as artists, participants and audience of its arts initiatives, experiences and events."

The above 21st Century skills are at the fore front of essential skills for future employment and job opportunities in the 21st Century that are not currently nurtured in our Education System, least of all within the Rural Context. In addition to increased dance and performing arts related skills, the programme has facilitated a range of behavioural change success indicators measured through a range of M&E tools, which have included, improved concentration, improved interpersonal relationships, increased school marks, improved self-discipline and 21st Century Skills, all of which have positive impacts on the learners’ home and school lives. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impacts, LEAP catered to 1500 young people on a monthly basis, and is, in 2022 showing a positive & gradual building up to restoring that level of reach performance into the programme.

In School

LEAP workshops are delivered in public and private school environments within the Emakhazeni municipality district.

After School

LEAP workshops that take place outside of school environments, are held in community and disability centres.

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Partners & Funders

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