"The Overview"

When we “change” one, we “change” all



The Organisation’s programmes seek to actively contribute to the sustainability, growth and development of Rural Citizens and the broader South African A ecosystem. These two focus areas - namely the upliftment of rural communities through access to quality A education and experiences AND impacting the South African A ecosystem at a systemic level – are closely connected. FATC @ Ebhudlweni’s programming and programmes are therefore designed to address both these focus areas in an integrated manner while working to transform people, societies and economies.

Keeping national and global realities and statistics in mind:

Overwhelming Levels Of Unemployment


Failed Education & Or School Systems

Food Security

FATC @ Ebudlweni Arts Centre seeks to address this problem by providing access to FULLY INCLUSIVE (inclusive: “the practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups”), A Education, A Experiences and Opportunities to children, youth and people with disabilities as well as programmes that offer ACCREDITED tertiary-level training for A facilitators, community builders, emerging arts and culture professionals, and youth A leaders who operate in the South African rural context. In so doing, FATC @ Ebhudlweni Arts Centre aspires to develop rural communities through the provision of access to A practices. FATC @ Ebhudlweni’s programming focuses on inclusive A education and skills development, to provide geographically and financially accessible A education and training to those living in remote rural communities. In this way it creates accessible, high quality A Education and Training models, job opportunities for youth and programmes that are a viable and valuable alternative to the largely inaccessible education and tertiary training historically located in urban areas.

Delivering on its Mechanism for Growth FATC @ Ebhudlweni offers a range of programmes that intersect at many points across the A ecosystem with a broad range of beneficiaries and stakeholders radiating out from its rural home, including:

  • Individuals
  • Rural Communities
  • The creative industry
  • Local, National and International – private and public sector – partners, sponsors and collaborators.
  • Broader Society

As a social justice-oriented organisation FATC engages with community through responsive and therefore applied arts practices. Emerging from FATCs Ebhudlweni arts centre; the ongoing and historical applied arts methodologies, coupled with the 2020/21/22 addition of nexus Food Security programming, consists of a series of rigorous and integrated programmes that are dedicated to providing:

  • ACCESS to A-Driven Practice
  • ACCESS to A Education
  • ACCESS to Training and Skills/Capacity Development to young people in rural communities through both accredited and non-accredited programming.
  • ACCESS to Employment, Skills Development and Training for Emerging A Professionals Nationally through both accredited and non-accredited programming.
  • INNOVATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE/PARTNERED ACTIONS in response to critical Personal, Social and Environmental challenges.
  • Food security and sustainability
Every programme of FATCs contributes towards fulfilling the long term impact statement of organisation. As such, and in all aspects, FATC programmes uphold the integrity to facilitate development opportunities, and to open up avenues to sustainability. The programmes at the core of FATC’s current operations include

  • The Local Education in Arts Programming (LEAP)
  • Tertiary Level Youth Focused Skills Programming
  • My Body My Space Public Arts Festival
  • Residencies and Creative productions
  • Angel Project Food Security Project
  • The Agri-CULTURE Programming

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Partners & Funders

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