A-Practice” is a term created by The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) to represent its intersecting practices of Arts, Administration, Activism, Agriculture and the Areas in between.

Cultural institutions can play a key role in the current social transformation. They can be places of collective self-assurance, socio-political discourse and can cultivate a common sense of possibility. If they want to be agents of change, sources of inspiration and navigators into a new world, they have to re-locate themselves. Because "if we really acknowledge the crisis we are in, then we can no longer do things the way we have been doing them – in fact, we can no longer do them at all." (PJ Sabbagha).

The future is open, it "cannot be captured, and the process is all that exists" (Rita Segato). In wanting to act, we want to be sure that we are contributing to livelihoods as opposed to further destroying them – the "A-Practice Matrix of Action" offers perspectives for action in four intimately entangled fields.


It arises from these assumptions and questions:
  • ~ We will not understand what we are fighting for if we do not see ourselves as one of many deeply interconnected entities of the biosphere,
  • ~ We will not survive if we do not significantly support this shared sphere,
  • ~ How can we actively resist the destructive front of profit-maximizing production,
  • ~ What might pleasure, abundance, freedom, growth, prosperity, emancipation, etc. look like in an ecological and solidary way of life?

FATC’s "A-Practice" as a model, supports cultural institutions in locating themselves in an ecological world, in assuming respons-ability for the survival of all beings and inspiring people to act in the same way in all areas of their activities. "A-Practice" also activates questioning about knowledge-transfer from the Global South to the Global North.



Peter John Sabbagha (Founder and Artistic Director of the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) and Ebhudlweni Arts Center), Namatshego Khutsoane (Development Manager of FATC, Creative Consultant, Actor, Theatre-Maker, Facilitator, Applied Drama and Theatre), Smangaliso Ngwenya (Education and Training Officer of FATC, Performer, Choreographer, Writer, Dancer, MA Graduate, Videographer, Video Editor, Director, Administrator), Nicholas Aphane (Operations Officer of FATC, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher), Tony Adrian is an IT specialist, dancer (FATC graduate) and founder of a festival in the South African province of Northern Cape and Barbara Ellenberger (Co-Founder and Artistic Director of KlimaKontor Basel, Switzerland, Climate Justice Activist, Lecturer)


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